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Futures of Entertainment 2007 - Nov. 16 & 17, Cambridge, MA

Futures of Entertainment 2

Audio and video from FoE2 are now available on the program page. Thanks to everyone who came and helped make this event a success!

The logics of convergence culture are quickly becoming ubiquitous within the media world. Audiences are being encouraged to participate in a wider range of sites. Transmedia principles are being adopted by content producers in a broad range of fields. 'Engagement' is being discussed as crucial to measurements of success. Futures of Entertainment 2 brings together key industry players who are shaping these new directions in our culture with academics exploring their implications. This year's conference will consider developments in advertising, cult media, metrics, measurement, and accounting for audiences, cultural labor and audience relations, and

Details about the 2006 conference are available from the 2006 Conference Website. Video and audio podcasts are also available.

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