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November 30, 2005

Luxe coverings for new iPods

As with their predecessors, the two new iPods are spawning a whole industry of accessories around them. Since I'm particularly interested in luxe, here are two recent gems, from Charles and Marie, that caught my eye recently.

For the iPod Video:

Nothing says sophistication and elegance like a unique iPod case made of wood: each piece is as unique as the piece of wood it is made from. Miniot uses maple, mahogany, pear, weng, and walnut to bring a bit of warmth to our technological age.

For the iPod Nano:

The case is handmade, and features a full silk lining for the utmost protection. Inside expect hand stiching, and a cover over the screen in a thick plastic, so no nicks or scratches get to your little gem ever! Each case is individually numbered, and you can choose from over 40 different exterior fabrics (wood leather shown) and 70 silk linings (silk 25 shown) as well as thread and trim colors.

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