November 26, 2005
New kind of media company

More from the NYT. Lime (Steve Case funded) is a new kind of media company - small sized, nimble, extremely focussed on what they want to do, which is create cheap content that can be repackaged and recylced throughout the media universe. And what's their mantra? Convergence, of course. :-)

For example... Lime is not looking for 13 half-hour episodes, the traditional season for a TV series. Instead, she said, "We are asking for 26 11- minute segments or 50 5-minute segments. We will cut these down for cellphones and maybe also use them to make two DVD's."

... As Lime adds to its original programming, it will focus on shows that are simpler, less expensive and more flexible than that on traditional networks, including a lot of content contributed by its users.

One early example is a series of short video segments by Deepak Chopra, the personal growth guru, answering questions about common life problems. These are already on Lime's Web site, and there are plans to send them over wireless phones and to bundle them into longer programs for the cable TV channel....

"The cable operators have said loud and clear, they don't want new channels," Ms. Laybourne said. "Anyone who wants to start a new property has to figure how to expand to other platforms."

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