December 9, 2005
Machinima Comes Of Age

This one is especially for our partners, who were asking about the state of machinima while visiting campus a few weeks ago.

While I had already mentioned the recent buzz around a new political piece called The French Democracy, there was a great summation in the Inside Video Games Blog yesterday, talking about new developments and the state of the machinima movement.

Worth a look for anyone who wants to keep tabs on how machinima is working its way into mainstream culture.

(And kudos to our partner, MTV, for their active contributions in the machinima space!)

UPDATE: BusinessWeek has another excellent feature article on the machinima movement. Worth a look.


On December 9, 2005 at 11:58 PM, Alec Austin said:

Another trend in Machinima of note is the use of modified game engines to animate battle sequences on the History Channel. Both the Rome: Total War, and (more recently) the Brothers in Arms engines have been used in this manner.