December 6, 2005
Music, Johnny Cash, WWE, and The Shield

Music has been the talk of the hour in some entertainment circles. For instance, people like Ben Wright are debating the musical choices that FX has been making to promote The Shield.

One spot uses Johnny Cash's "Hurt," which has helped promote the various Cash albums out right now, the film Walk the Line, and The Shield.

Another spot uses rap song "Bad, Bad Man" from WWE Heavyweight Champion John Cena's rap album.

For wrestling, music and entertainment has been a long-term cross-promotional vehicle, as a different band's song is the "official theme" of each month's PPV. For instance, for the WWE show that just happened a couple of weeks ago, "WWE Survivor Series 2005", POD's single "Lights Out" was the official music.

What's different here is that WWE original music is being used to promote other television series? What does this mean in terms of cross-promotion? What might be the advantage here for both WWE and The Shield? I'm not sure, but does anyone else have any thoughts?


On December 15, 2005 at 4:01 AM, Joshua said:

Great topic.

Being fan of the WWE especially it's businness aspect. I found it intriguing. From WWE's standpoint, I feel it's a great thing as they get more exposure to the mainstream.Wrestling is always considered as comical with people tending to look down on it's performers. With the use of Cena's song, which I think fits great with the commercial,WWE can start gaining some more crediility in the eys of the mainstream media.

Byusing this song, The Shield may get some WWE fans to watch the premiere or some of the episodes this season , who knows?

All in all, as a WWE fan , I'm very happy of the crossover.

On December 15, 2005 at 9:42 AM, Sam Ford said:


Thanks for your feedback. I think that the move was a great one for both properties, even though some criticize it from an aesthetic standpoint. There's no doubt that John Cena is no Johnny Cash, and I think he would admit that.

On the other hand, as you mentioned, it's a great point of crossover. FX shows tend to be very visual, to not shy away from violence, but to really tackle complex issues. I think wrestling fans might very well enjoy a show like The Shield and even have a few friends who watch both.

WWE has been very shrewd with marketing in the past and they should play these connections up even further. It's a great way to make Cena seem like a legitimate rapper and not just someone who's stuff is played on WWE programming.