January 30, 2006
A Film Company Uses the Internet for Activism

Why would a film production company try to develop an audience for their films instead of letting the distributor do it? The answer to that question explains the importance of Participant Productions and their website Participate.net. If the primary purpose of a film is to get seen, then it's no surprise that the Internet becomes a great place to help develop an audience. At least one film production company has realized this and taken it to the next level of activism.

Participant Productions has brought us films such as Syriana, Good Night and Good Luck, North Country, MurderBall, and the forthcoming The World According to Sesame Street.

On Participate.net, you can...well...participate along the themes of each of the films. Each film becomes a centerpiece for a grassroots campaign to change the wrong discussed in the film.

Participant Productions understands the power of all media--not just the Internet and not just cinema--to bring people together and prompt them to take action. Watch Syriana in the theater and learn how to cut your oil consumption on Participate.net. Watch Good Night and Good Luck on DVD; demand the news once again report in the public interest on Participate.net. Watch North Country on Cable and learn how to implement a sexual harrassment policy in your school; it's on Participate.net.

"Convergence is in the mind of the beholder." Participant Productions creates movies with a purpose and tries to move people to action to make their world a better place to live. A nice example of transmedia.

NOTE: As of December 2007, Participate.net has become TakePart.com.



Engaging consumers in some kind of dialogue is exactly where I believe the future is heading for all products and services; whether tangible or intangible. Thanks for providing an example.

Oh, and Syriana is an excellent movie! Everyone should see it.