February 13, 2006
How iPod is a Game-Changer

Lost Remote notes that major producer Dick Wolf has bought into the new media model:

"I think this serialized show has huge potential both with DVDs, iPod downloads, everything. I may be completely out of my mind, but I think people don't even realize yet how much the iPod is a game changer." Wolf says he's also thinking about producing different versions of the same show (one "harder" than the other) as well as even shooting the series differently for smaller screens.

While Wolf states he's "drinking the Kool-Aid", I think that's an inapt metaphor. The digital future of media isn't a cult, it's a fact, which will make itself felt more and more powerfully over the next few years. And it's about time someone in major media started thinking about the demands that the smaller screens of cellphones and iPods place on the media that will be played on them. Cellphone and iPod screens have different effects on the viewing experience than TV or movie screens do, and its ridiculous to pretend that they don't.