April 17, 2006
McDonald's Breakfast Fanfic

Burger King may be entering the game space, but as reported via BoingBoing, McDonald's breakfast sandwiches now have their own fan fiction community:

This is a LiveJournal community for writers of McGriddle Fan Fiction, Breakfast Fan Fiction, and McGriddle Creative Writing. While our primary focus is on Fan Fic involving the McDonald's McGriddle, we extend membership to writers of any sort of breakfast food creative writing (i.e. McMuffins, Bagel Sandwiches, Pancakes, etc).

38 members so far, though -- as BB suggests -- I suspect this community is at least partly satirical. That said: would McGriddle/Croissanwich stories constitute breakfast slash fiction?


On April 28, 2006 at 1:03 PM, Sam Ford said:

I personally would rather see some slash between The Hamburgler and Grimace. Seriously, though, what a fascinating area. This reminds me of Rob Kozinets' illuminating talk last night about these brand characters becoming personalities in and of themselves, the pantheon of brand characters. McDonalds' provides those. But what happens when the fan fiction moves beyond the characters and to the food itself? Maybe it's just parody, but people think it is worth their time, which is interesting in and of itself.