August 8, 2006
Bravo Launching Mobile Content

We've written before about Bravo's interesting developments on the Web platform, such as its site for unaired or short-run shows Brilliant But Cancelled.

Now, Bravo is branching into the mobile platform, with the network's offering of modified versions of a few of its major programs on Amp'd Mobile cell phones starting Wednesday. The deal is the first NBC Entertainment cable network deal with a mobile provider.

The cell phone users can access short one-minute or three-minute sets of clips from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Project Runway, as well as content from Inside the Actors Studio and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List.

Episode summaries from Project Runway and Hip Tips from Queer Eye will also be available for viewing.

I like the idea of expanding media products into other platforms, and as I'm sure fellow C3 media analyst Geoffrey Long agrees, the mobile platform is ripe for major experimentation. On the other hand, I've expressed my issues with gated content in the past, and I think that the development of content locked into a specific content provider is as dangerous as net neutrality for developing strong transmedia potential.

However, I am glad to see Bravo and other channels continuing to experiment. When these more conservative projects are tested and when users become acclimated to the idea of consuming mobile content, I'm hoping to see the transmedia projects expand and become even more interesting.