August 26, 2006
Percentage of Fall Lineups in HD

For those (rather large class) of lead users who have already invested in high-definition television, TelevisionWeek has provided a useful chart that examines the degree to which each of the six broadcast networks have invested in HD technology for the upcoming fall lineup.

The chart provided is well worth a look, breaking down how many primetime hours will be airing in high-definition and what percentage of hours it is for the network. Percentage-wise, the lead is MyNetworkTV. As we've written before, the network's 12 hours of original programming a week (comprised of two telenovela series that air nightly) will all air in high-definition, making it a clear lead with 100 percent HD programming. And, since the network has no daytime programming, it is clearly in the lead compared to other stations.

Of the remaining networks, CBS and NBC are tied for the most hours of HD programming, with both networks offering 18 of their 22 hours of primetime programming in high definition. ABC, which also offers 22 hours of primetime programming, has 16 hours in high-definition.

In fifth place is the CW Network, which is only now in the process of transferring to high-definition. According to the chart, 8 of its 13 primetime hours will be in high-definition. Finally, FOX will be making 8.5 of its 15 hours of primetime programming available in high definition, a number that was brought down significantly because of the network's primetime animation offerings on Sunday night that will be airing in standard definition.