September 12, 2006
TiVo to Release Hi-Def. Standalone DVR, Records Shows Simultaneously

TiVo made the news a few days ago with its partnership with CBS that resulted in the broadcast of sneak previews or whole episodes of various CBS episodes to TiVo subscribers a week in advance to help create advocates for the new shows before they ever hit broadcast.

Now, TiVo has once again made the news with its plan to offer a high-definition DVR. It's not a surprise that the company would relase a digital video recorder that could capture HD, particularly with all of the shows that are switching to high-def. broadcast and with the falling through of the company's HD box through DirecTV. What is a surprise is that no one knew when the announcement would come.

The product is set to come out by the end of the month at about $800, as part of a campaign to continue innovating the DVR market with various other devices, including time-shifting DVR services offered by cable operators and satellite companies themselves.

Aside from the obvious advantages to be able to record in DVR, the product will also allow users to record two programs while viewing a third, particularly helpful with multiple people in a household or on nights when multiple networks are airing top-grade content.

And, while it is innovating on the product end, TiVo keeps challenging what it views as copycat products intended to push the company out of the market in courts, such as its recent legal struggle with EchoStar's Dish Network.

For viewers, who are interested more in having innovative products than they are who provides them, TiVo will continue to woo people with offers like the new DVR. I know that, in the Ford household, Tuesday nights are already tense, with Nip/Tuck duking it out with ECW on Sci Fi (please, no fire from Sci Fi fans). Right now, without the funds for a second DVR, I'm making due with a VCR...but somehow I always end up with the show that gets recorded on VHS.


On September 14, 2006 at 4:10 AM, Charlie Ender said:

Too true, Sam. Too true. I feel your pain. Now if only the Sci Fi channel would re-air ECW's shows the way Bravo reruns its shows (about six times daily) there would be no problem. Wait, doesn't FX re-air Nip/Tuck? Hmm. It's all part of a great conspiracy to keep the wrestling fan down.

On September 14, 2006 at 9:43 AM, Sam Ford said:

Last I heard, there was a plan to schedule a re-airing sometime during the week, but I don't know what the status of that decision is right now, other than that Sci Fi has signed the show itself through 2007, I believe.