November 27, 2006
2007 Conference on Media Brands: Their Management, Effects, and Social Implications, in Sweden

Shenja van der Graaf sends along news of a call for papers for a September 2007 workshop in Stockholm, Sweden, called Media Brands: Their Management, Effects, and Social Implications. Perhaps of interest to C3 affiliated faculty and corporate partners and interested readers, the conference's objective is "to explore media brand management in theory and practice. The also conference will seek better understanding of the effects of media brands on consumer media behaviour as well as on society. Connections to other customer-related marketing management approaches are to be examined."

250-word abstracts are due by Feb. 1 and will be decided on by March 15. Presentatiosn will focus on management-related aspects, customer-related aspects, and socio-cultural issues related to media brands and brand management.

The Media Management and Transformation Centre through Jonkoping University's International Business School is sponsoring the event.