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November 19, 2006

FOE: Bloggers Respond to Panels at Conference

Here is a list of a few blog responses from folks at the Futures of Entertainment Conference:

-Several live reports from Licnece to Roam by Rachel Clarke.

-My Brilliant Mistakes by Cynthia Closkey (and a followup here).

-Big Secret Pizza Party from Amber Finlay.

-Off on a Tangent by Steve Garfield. Steve also posted pictures here.

-Erica George's comments about the conference at Writing in Clay are available here, here, and here.

-Adrian at wrote this about the transmedia panel.

-A Place in the Fire by Alec Austin.

-See Kent Quirk's post on Global Warming Can Be Fun about Joshua Green's opening presentation on Saturday.

-See Julie Levin Russo's live-to-tape blogging of the fan cultures panel at Cyberorganize.

-Also, check out this reaction to the Not the Real World Anymore panel at KnowProSE.

-And Paul Levitz's involvement was covered on Publishers Weekly's The Beat blog on comics culture.

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