February 24, 2007
Revver Announces Distribution Deal with Verizon FiOS

The online video distribution service getting the press most recently has been Revver, as the company has announced that it will be making its content available through the FiOS TV service offered by Verizon.

The Revver content will be available on FiOS later this year, as well as Verizon's Surround broadband entertainment portal.

The new FiOS service was officially introduced at CES. As Beth Duggan with TelevisionWeek puts it, FiOs "enables subscribers to access broadcast TV, the Internet, their private music and photo collections, and now Revver videos, through one media-management system."

Revver has hyped their ability to bring more attention to the creators who use the video service for their content, by providing more portals for distribution. On the other hand, this gives substantial new content to FiOS as well. The profit will be split half and half between Revver and its creators for earned revenue with the distribution.

Back in December, I pointed out that Revver videos would also be part of the Verizon V CAST service, so the two companies are forming a deep relationship with each other, with Revver providing content for these new Verizon projects, while Verizon provides cross-platform extensions for Revver users.

That piece looked at the relationship developed between V CAST and YouTube as well.

FiOS has been in the works since July of last year, when I first wrote about the "new fiber-optic television service" as it planned to launch four television stations into the Internet platform with local television programming.

Then, I wrote:

As the new Verizon plans go forward, Internet television continues with a strong drive, and this penetration for a fiber-optics television service demonstrates how quickly things are changing for the various forms available to distribute television.

For the station providing content, this will provide more chances to reach more consumers and to prepare for the future, as current models of television viewing and broadcasting are being revised through the development of high-definition television, video-on-demand, DVRs, Internet TV and multiple other methods of distribution.

Revver also made the news back in November, with a plan to partner with Fame TV, the UK broadcast channel that exclusively features user-generated content, yet another project the company participated in to further distribute its content.

The company's aggressive extension into multiple platforms, both through the Fame TV deal and the various relationships with Verizon, prove that the business models are slowly being developed to create multiple simultaneous platforms for the distribution of both user-generated and professionally produced media products.