April 25, 2007
Collaboration 2.0: Ivan Askwith and TV's Terminology for User Engagement

The last featured guest speaker at this past weekend's Collaboration 2.0 at MIT was another member of the Convergence Culture Consortium team, fellow graduating CMS Master's student and C3 researcher Ivan Askwith, who made a presentation entitled "Television 2.0: Rethinking Television's 'Terms of Engagement.'"

As part of this internal conference for C3 corporate partners, affiliated faculty, and the C3 research team, Askwith presented work based on his thesis project, which focuses on creating new terminology for better understanding extensions of media properties.

Before coming to MIT, Askwith was a researcher for Steven Johnson's book Everything Bad Is Good for You and has worked as a freelance designer, consultant, and frequent contributor to online publications like Salon. For more on his background, see his C3 bio. He has also worked for groups such as Interpublic Media.

Askwith's work has focused on understanding how new media technologies and various forms of extensions in a "convergence culture" creates new business models and meaningful new experiences for the consumer. For instance, see his 2005 essay "TV You'll Want to Pay For from Slate, looking at the iTunes distribution model for television only 20 days after that technology had become available.

Also, see some of Ivan's Salon work from 2003 here and here.

Ivan has also written on both Henry Jenkins' blog and here on the C3 blog at various points.

For instance, read Ivan's three-part report from last year's ComicCon in San Diego, available here, here, and here.

Also, see his comments on the failure of a transmedia extension of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip here.



Will Ivan be publishing a paper, his thesis or his talk anytime soon? I'm working on terminology as well and would love to see what Ivan is doing.


Christy, let me check into that for you, and I will put you in touch with Ivan if he already has some information to share.