May 27, 2007
Links to Interesting Posts from Bryant, Mittell, Baym, Jenkins, Snark

I don't often do this, but I thought it might be good during a Memorial Day weekend to provide a variety of links to several relevant blogs that I think would be worth a look at if you have the time:

See Reel Pop, where The Hollywood Reporter's Steve Bryant has been covering the failures of for some time and now reports that the initiative may shut down by the end of the year. He provides links to his analysis as to why the online video content project would fail.

See Just TV, where Jason Mittell provides some detailed reaction to the release of the 2006-2007 Nielsen ratings chart. He concludes, "These numbers are based on the measured viewing of 10,000 households. There is a margin of error, which is never published in the press and cannot be found on Nielsen's website. Believe these numbers as representing actual behaviors at your own risk." Amen.

Nancy Baym writes about The Fight for Jericho and the subsequent criticism of this type of fan activity from presumed anti-fans.

Henry Jenkins writes about the Program in Comparative Media Studies here at MIT getting a Knight Foundation grant to start The Center for Future Civic Media.

(Also, see some recent links Henry provided to his readers on issues of great interest to what we cover here at the Consortium).

Over at Snark Weighs In, there has been a brilliant series of posts called "This Week in Subtlety," about product placement gone wrong by being too blatant or obvious. Look here and here.

By the way, I also learned from Snark Weighs In that Ryan's Hope is now returning to the weekday lineup on SOAPnet. Look back at my post last month for more on this situation.



Thanks for the shout out, Sam. I'm a big fan of C3.


Hey, Steve! Glad to hear that you are a fan! Thanks for writing a blog that is so shoutable. :)