May 27, 2007
Looking Back at Some Posts from C3's First Year

With the proliferation of content here on the C3 site, I know that the backlog of posts can be daunting, and a lot of ideas can get lost in the mix. In the process, I'm sure many of you who read here regularly know that I like to link to recent posts on similar topics or even posts from the archive that are relevant to current issues.

However, there are a variety of topics that were covered in the first year or so of C3's blog that have not been returned to quite as often and which still seem relevant to issues that we discuss here on a regular basis, just not so that they get linked to again on a regular basis.

The C3 blog has grown and expanded over the past year, and I thought it would be good to direct some attention back to some of these issues covered in the first year of our blog, before many of you may have started reading.