October 6, 2007
Looking Back at Futures of Entertainment 2006

For those of you who may have been hearing recently about this year's Futures of Entertainment 2 conference (see the site here), but who may not have been able to attend last year's event, I wanted to go back into the archives and share more information about last year's event.

The site is still up, available here. As I noted back in August, there are audio and/or video podcasts up from the panels last year.

We liveblogged last year's event here at the Consortium's blog. See our on-the-site recaps of Henry Jenkins' introduction and Joshua Green's presentation on viscerality and convergence culture, as well as panels on Television Futures, User-Generated Content, Transmedia Properties, fan cultures, and virtual worlds.

The event was covered by a lot of folks here, including Rachel Clarke at Licence to Roam.

A full rundown of blogging accounts from the conference is available here, as well as links to the Reason report and the SpellCast podcast.

Also, see Flickr photos here.