October 6, 2007
Spreading the Word about FoE2

This past week, registration opened for our second annual Convergence Culture Consortium and Program in Comparative Media Studies (CMS) co-sponsored conference, Futures of Entertainment 2. More updates will be forthcoming over at the FoE2 Web site.

We will be including full speaker bios and headshots over the next few days for all the speakers on our various panels, among other things.

For more, see our last few posts, including our announcement of the conference, Henry Jenkins' notes on the conference, and a look back at the first event last year. However, word about FoE2 has been popping up elsewhere across the Web as well.

Thanks to folks from the C3 community, such as Geoffrey Long and Grant McCracken, for giving the conference a mention.

Meanwhile, Francesca Birks writes about the conference over at Towering Flat, while Christy Dena provides a link to last year's conference and a note about this year's registration being open over at her site, called "Cross-Media + Transmedia Entertainment."

That Media Maven and acafangirl Laura Boylan provides a note on our conference as well, at her LiveJournal page, while Amber Finlay was kind enough to call last year's event the "best conference" she had ever been to, at Big Secret Pizza Party.

For those of you who follow the C3 blog regularly, please help us proselytize for this year's event. We really hope to get the interesting mix of industry and academic audience members that made last year's FoE such a unique event.



Thanks, Christy! I started reading another of your posts and then ended up copying the wrong URL.