December 10, 2007
FoE2 Links: Anderson Podcast and Rik Hunter

I wanted to start Monday morning by rounding out a few new links coming out of the Futures of Entertainment 2 conference.

First, Kare Anderson over at Moving from Me to We wrote a piece on this year's Futures of Entertainment 2, which also includes excerpts from an interview she conducted with me regarding the event.

Meanwhile, Rik Hunter, a Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the composition and rhetoric program in the university's English department, provides a lot of notes from the conference on his site, Canned Goods.

In his summation of the conference, Rik writes:

Also, what was clear was that the entertainment industry, always in search of ways to "engage" audiences and consumers, wants to develop better ways of tracking, gauging, measuring "engagement." And work in fan studies does just this. So, this conference may be the most visible site where the entertainment industry and media academics cross paths. It appears that each party wants to collaborate on some level, but there's a lot of work to be done.

We certainly do hope that the reach of FoE2 extends far beyond just media studies on the academic side, and we hope to incorporate ideas and projects from a variety of disciplines, since media studies by its nature is an interdisciplinary enterprise.

See Rik's notes about the MIT Communications Forum with Jesse Alexander and Mark Warshaw from Heroes. See a review of the metrics and measurement panel here, followed by fan labor, opening comments from the second day, advertising, and cult media.

Finally, thanks to Adam Crowe for his Futures of Entertainment 2 links.