December 2, 2007
Writing About FoE2: Around the Blogosphere (3 of 3)

A variety of folks wrote summaries of several different panels simultaneously or referenced the conference as a whole. Faris Yakob wrote about the conference here, here, and here. Faris also provided a piece on FoE2 for Contagious.

C3 Consulting Researcher Grant McCracken provides his take on FoE2 here and here. Meanwhile, see Jonathan Gray's take on the conference at The Extratextuals.

Darren Crawforth provided a report from FoE2 for PSFK.

See John Eckman's notes here. Isabel Walcott Hilborn wrote a note about the conference here, while Ian Fitzpatrick provides his take on the conference here and here.

Diana Kimball writes about FoE2 here and here. Howard Greenstein writes about the conference here and here.

See Kevin Rothermel's take here, while Teri Leavens wrote about the conference here.

Chris Dahlen provides some extra pieces on FoE2 here and here, while Mica Scalin writes about the conference here.

Meanwhile, David Burn provided a Flickr set from FoE2 here, and he provided a take on the conference at the BFG blog as well.

Also, see these pre-conference notes from the C3 team, here and here.

Finally, see mentions of the conference from Valerio Franco and Blog da Perestroika.

I know Joanne McNeil was there from America's Future Foundation with plans to write on the event, and Robin Hauck and Blair van Brunt were there from Misstropolis with plans to cover FoE2 as well, but I have not yet seen their stories. I will post them here to the blog when I do.