March 19, 2008
Jonathan Gray's Notes from SCMS

New C3 Consulting Researcher Jonathan Gray, who is a professor at Fordham University and--among other things--posts regularly on The Extratextuals. Since I couldn't take notes on all of the panels at the SCMS conference last week, he offered to put together some of his notes from the event to post there. I wanted to include his introduction here and then link to his post over on The Extratextuals.

This past weekend marked the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in Philadelphia. This SCMS also marked the beginning of my time as a consulting researcher for the Convergence Culture Consortium, based out of MIT. I've been chatting with the C3'ers for a while now, and was truly honored to be invited on board (incidentally, Ivan already has his C3 Brownie Badge, and Derek Johnson's a consulting researcher now too, so The Extratextuals are now Completely C3-Compatible, or "C5").

I'm still not exactly sure what is entailed, but it meant I got a free breakfast at SCMS, so it's already looking good. Sam Ford, one of C3's several superhuman forces and one of the nicer folks in the business, asked me to write up some comments on SCMS, in the aim of perhaps sharing these with other C3'ers. Well, he paid for my eggs benedict, so I will deliver.

The panels Sam was particularly interested in responses to were (1) the workshop on The Future of Television Studies, with MIT's William Uricchio serving as chair, and Anne Everett, Roberta Pearson, Maire Messenger Davies, Michele Hilmes, and William Boddy serving as panelists; (2) the workshop on Scholarly Writing in the Digital Age, starring Jason Mittell, Avi Santo, Alexandra Juhasz, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, and Christian Keathley; and (3) Derek Johnson, Derek Kompare, Avi Santo, and Kyle Edwards' panel on Corporate Authorship.

Read the rest of Jon's thoughts on the panels here.