April 15, 2008
C3 Internal Retreat May 8-9 and Past Retreats

We are in the process of preparing some of our internal research for the end-of-the-year retreat we host here in the Consortium at the end of every spring semester. Our first retreat event, called "There Is No Box," was held in April 2006. For more on that event, look here. I blogged about the first day of the event here and the second day here and here.

Last year's event, Collaboration 2.0, featured my work on soap operas, C3 Principal Investigator Henry Jenkins' work on media violence, C3 Consulting Researcher Kevin Snadler's work on Scooby Doo, C3 Consulting Researcher Robert V. Kozinets' work on Star Trek, and C3 Alum Ivan Askwith's work on engagement, as well as presentations from John Banks and Jean Burgess.

This year's event will invite participation from a wide variety of the Consortium's community. C3's Principal Investigators, Henry Jenkins and William Uricchio, as well as C3 Research Manager Joshua Green and myself, will be joined by our graduate student team (Eleanor Baird, Ana Domb, and Xiaochang Li), C3 postdoctoral researcher Esteve Olle, and alum Ivan Askwith and Geoffrey Long. We will also feature many of our consulting researchers' work at the conference, such as Nancy Baym, Abigail Derecho, Jonathan Gray, C. Lee Harrington, Derek Johnson, Robert V. Kozinets, Grant McCracken, Jason Mittell, Aswin Punathambekar, Doris Rusch, Kevin Sandler, Shenja van der Graaf, and Chris Weaver.

We will also be joined by speakers from companies such as Communispace, Double Twenty Productions, Forrester Research, and Xenophile Media.

While this event is held internally for C3 partner company representatives and C3 researchers, we will blog about some of the folks present at the event next month and their research interests, as we have in prior years. If you are a member of one of our partner companies and want more information on how to attend, please get in touch. If you have any questions, please contact me at samford@mit.edu.