April 2, 2008
MeioDigital Articles on the Consortium

The Consortium and events related to our work has received great coverage in Brazil of late, thanks to the work of Maurício Mota, who attended our Futures of Entertainment 2 conference back in November. The most recent edition of Brazil's MeioDigital magazine, from Meio & Mensagem, featured a total of 12 pages dedicated to the Consortium, FoE2, and a related story on Heroes, based in part on our hosting a couple of members of the Heroes team here at MIT last November.

The MIT Convergence Culture Consortium, its Futures of Entertainment 2 event, and the Program in Comparative Media Studies were all featured in an article entitled "Os Alquimistas Estão Chengando!," including insights from myself, C3 Research Manager Joshua Green, as well as a focus on Consortium director Henry Jenkins. Mota's article highlights of all of the Program in Comparative Media Studies' research groups and Henry's recent publications and blog. See the piece here.

Mota's piece about Heroes, based in part on the presentations by Jesse Alexander and Mark Warshaw from the MIT Communications Forum which led up to FoE2 for MeioDigital and Alexander's participation in the cult media panel which concluded FoE2. See CMS graduate student Lauren Silberman's notes about the Communications Forum here and here. See live blogging notes from Alexander's panel on Cult Media from the C3 team here, blogosphere reaction here, and information about the podcast here. Mota's piece, entitled "Previously on Heroes," is available here.