June 6, 2008
Changes Around C3: My New Position and Consortium Summer Schedule

With the academic year winding up here at MIT and graduation upon us, I wanted to give everyone a few updates regarding what's going to be happening with the Consortium.

As we posted here on the blog, we are in the process of hiring a new research director, and we will have an announcement about who that is once the decision has been made here on the blog.

Last week was the end of my duration as the Consortium's project manager. I have now gone to work for PR firm Peppercom as Director of Customer Insights (see more at PRWeek and Bulldog Reporter, as well as Firm Voice and The Holmes Report--subscription-only, so I can't link to it. I co-authored some pieces with Peppercom founder Steve Cody in the past, including writing some thoughts pieces available from The Christian Science Monitor, PR News, and Bulldog Reporter, if you're interested in knowing more about what a Director of Customer Insights might think or do...(I'm still trying to figure that out myself.)

However, I will remain an official research affiliate with the Consortium and can still be reached at samford@mit.edu. That also means that, while I won't be writing here quite as often, I still plan to post a couple of times a week here on the Consortium blog, so don't think C3 is suddenly going to run out of posts on soaps or the WWE.

I'll also be blogging over at PepperDigital. See my introduction, bio, and my first post.

What this means for the C3 blog is that the summer will feature a lot more work from consulting researchers' blogs, as well as original thought pieces from Joshua, myself, and others from the C3 community. The blog will still be updated regularly, even if not the 12 posts or so a week we've done during the academic year.

So please stay tuned. Thanks so much for reading, and for your wonderful comments over the past three years. I personally look forward to staying involved with the public side of the Consortium's work, including this blog, and I hope many of C3's readers will stay in touch.