November 23, 2009
FoE4: Post-Conference Reactions

Well, the Futures of Entertainment conference finished up on Sunday, and after a day's worth of sleep -- and, oh boy, did the C3 team need a solid nap -- I can proudly announce that the weekend was an absolute success!

A heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone that traveled to Boston to attend! If you weren't able to drop by the MIT campus for our event, we're going to try to get those video recording up as soon as possible. In the meantime, though -- because the Internet is wonderful and full of rainbows and unicorns -- you can check out some of the liveblogging, reaction essays, and tweeting to get a handle on the dialogue that spread out over the course of our two days.

Rachel Clarke has done a wonderful job liveblogging the entire conference over at her blog, Licence to Roam. Check out the individual posts per each panel below:


Henry Jenkins - Revenge of the Origami Unicorn: Seven Key Principles of Transmedia Entertainment

Producing Transmedia Experiences: Stories in a Cross-Platform World

Changing Audiences, Changing Methodologies

Transmedia Design and Conceptualization - The Making of Purefold

Transmedia for Social Change


The ROI of ROFL: Why Understanding Popular Culture Should Matter to the C-Suite

Producing Transmedia Experiences: Participation & Play

Unboxing the Medium

Free? Contemporary Media Business Models

If you have any notes or reaction pieces that you would me to link on this page, feel free to drop me a message and the relevant URL(s) at

Also, if you want to follow the conversation that went on in our backchannels...

- Check out Twapper Keeper, which now holds a full aggregation of the #FoE4 hashtag. You can view everyone's tweets, arguments, and conference in-jokes (the best one, of course, being #thingsjackwakshlagsays) here.

- The archive of the FoE4 questions are still available on the original webpage. You can access each individual panel's questions here.

Myles McNutt has already taken advantage of the Twitter conversation by writing a couple of reaction essays over at his blog, Cultural Learnings. His overview is located here.


Frank Rose has composed his own reactions to the conference over at his blog, Deep Media. Given that he takes the perspective of our of our conference speakers, his article (viewable here) is worth the read.

Thanks again to everyone that attended, followed our conversations, and -- of course -- helped organize this amazing event! See you all next year!