April 13, 2010
More White Paper Releases: 2007 & 2006, Part 1

In keeping with the push toward openness, this is yet another blog post linking to our research reports, this time from 2007 and 2006. I included two years in two parts because 2007 comprised two papers while 2006 included seven.

So, for today, I have linked four papers below, and tomorrow I will release the final five!

Fandemonium: A Tag Team Approach to Enabling and Mobilizing Fans
by Sam Ford
with Dr. Henry Jenkins and Dr. Joshua Green
Playing in Other Worlds
Playing in Other Worlds: Modeling Player Motivations
by Alec Austin
with Dr. Henry Jenkins, Dr. Joshua Green and Ivan Askwith
Selling Creatively
Selling Creatively: Product Placement in the New Media Landscape
by Alec Austin
with Dr. Henry Jenkins and Timothy Crosby, David Edery, Geoffrey Long, Dr. Raymond Pettit, Parmesh Shahani and Dr. Stacy Wood
In-Game Advertising
Vision Report 2010: In-Game Advertising
by Ilya Vedrashko
with Dr. Henry Jenkins and Alec Austin, David Edery, Geoffrey Long and Parmesh Shahani