April 23, 2010
Transmedia Hollywood: Videos Now Available

A convenient announcement from the West Coast to follow up after yesterday's video post:

The panel videos from the TRANSMEDIA, HOLLYWOOD: S/Telling the Story conference are now available. Find them here or watch them embedded after the jump! You can also check out our previous post containing all of the tweets from the Transmedia, Hollywood event here.

Conference Movies

Introduction: Elizabeth Daley, Dean USC School of Cinematic Arts
Henry Jenkins, USC. Denise Mann, UCLA.

Panel 1: Reconfiguring Entertainment

Henry Jenkins, Moderator

Panelists: Mimi Ito, Diane Nelson, Richard Lemarchand, Nils Peyron, Jonathan Taplin, John Underkoffler

Panel 2: "ARG: This is Not a Game.... But is it Always a Promotion?"

Denise Mann, Moderator
Panelists: Ivan Askwith, Susan Bonds, Will Brooker, Steve Peters and Maureen McHugh, Jordan Weisman

Panel 3: "Designing Transmedia Worlds"

Moderator: Henry Jenkins
Panelists: David Brisbin, Danny Bilson, Derek Johnson, R. Eric Lieb, Louisa Stein

Panel 4: "Who Let the Fans In?: 'Next-Gen Digi-Marketing'"

Moderator: Denise Mann

Panelists: J.D. Black, John Caldwell, Alan Friel, John Hegeman, Roberta Pearson, Steve Wax