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About the Conference

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Futures of Entertainment is organized around a "talk-show" style model, with panelists participating in a moderated discussion. Over the last two years this produced great, thorough treatments of the subject matter, getting industry and academic speakers together but avoiding product pitches.

This year's conference will work to bring together the themes from last year - media spreadability, audiences and value, social media, distribution - with the Consortium's new projects as we move towards an increasingly global understanding of media convergence and content flows. Topics for this year's panels include global distribution systems and the challenges of moving content across borders, transmedia, franchising, digital extensions and world building, comics, convergence and commerce, social media and spreadability, as well as renewed discussion about how and why to measure audience value.

Head over to the program page to see what we'll be discussing this year.

For a sense of what to expect, you can check out the site from last year's event.

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