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November 18, 2005

WWE Unlimited

A couple of weeks ago, I had a letter published in Television Week, the Halloween edition. The letter was based on a TV Week article by James Hubbard on the WWE's new online service that shows viewers what is happening while the live televised show is on its commercial break .

Several advertising agency types claim that the tactic is costing advertisers viewers, as people tune into the Web site instead of staying in their seat and watching the commercials.

My take is that the opposite is happening and that tactics like this is as close as you'll get to saving the 30-second spot in the long run.

By providing content during commercial breaks, the WWE is, in effect, encouraging fans who have TiVo and similar capabilities not to record the show and watch it later sans commercials but to watch it in real time and find out what's happening during the commercial breaks.

In my opinion, that actually keeps fans in the room and with the commercials on instead of flipping channels or TiVoing the content.

You can find out more about WWE Unlimited here.

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