January 11, 2006
Celebrity iTunes playlists

The idea of cool hunters is not a new one, but one form of cool-hunting rising in popularity is finding out what tunes celebrities download to their iPods. A new form of marketing at least somewhat based on reality, the iPod playlists are simutalenously an advertisement for Apple's iPod and iTunes, the cool celebrity who is releasing the list, and all of the cool musicians on the list.

Case in point: in this week's Entertainment Weekly's "The Must List," a regular feature in the magazine, they list the top 10 things you must see for the week. Number three on the list is the playlist of Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live.

Is this just part of an iPod fad or a potential new avenue in advertising revenue, product crossover, etc. One would suspect this only works as long as you can be sure this is the authetic feeling of the celebrity and not something he or she is solely paid to say, but the trend is certainly getting the attention of consumers with placement like this.