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August 9, 2006

Nielsen and VOD Measurement

We've reported a lot this summer about Nielsen's continued expansion of its media research to include new forms of measurement, including the A2/M2 system of measurement and commercial ratings.

Now, the company has announced that it will begin measuring video-on-demand orders through Insight Communications. According to the joint announcement yesterday from both companies, Nielsen will be using the data to launch its Neilsen On-Demand Reporting and Analytics service,called NORA.

When the NORA service gets launched, it will provide more consistent measurements for the on-demand platform, which will make advertising prices for on-demand content more stable.

Of course, many still question the measurement abilities of the Nielsen ratings for regular television, but the company has been developing various initaitives to both improve their traditional ratings system and to also provide further measurement of new delivery forms.

In the meantime, with the devleopment of a Nielsen standard for on-demand content coming, it may help encourage advertisers and content providers alike to pour more content into the expanding platform, with not only the movies-on-demand products already established but also products like WWE 24/7, the on-demand wrestling subscription service offered on many major cable networks.

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