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September 27, 2006

Starz and Sony Strike Movie Distribution Agreement

The deal between NBC and Cablevision isn't the only new partnership announced this week that will affect multi-platform distribution of content.

Sony Pictures announced on Monday a deal with Starz Entertainment, through which Starz will be able to distribute films not only on its pay cable channels but also through video-on-demand content, as well as broadband Internet distribution.

Starz will have more than 500 Sony movies at its disposal to distribute through cable and satellite VOD, as well as the Vongo online movie download service. The deal will begin in 2008 and stretch until 2014.

So, while this deal won't be kicking in for a while, Sony and Starz are both preparing for the future, as movies are increasingly becoming as cross-platform as television shows. iPod has announced movies for download with the next generation of players, while Sprint continues experimenting with movies-on-demand for its mobile users and CinemaNow offers Burn-to-DVD services.

This continued drive to multiplatforming shows an increasing awareness by the industry that they have to provide content in as many ways as possible to reach as many viewers as possible. As systems like these are increasingly put in place, viewers gain more autonomy as to when an where they receive content.

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