June 24, 2007
Links for Sunday, June 25: Bringo, OPA Study, Third Screen Media, Gender and Fan Studies

A few interesting final weekend notes that I wanted to pass along to C3 readers.

1.) BRINGO. I got an e-mail hoping I would promote this beta project, and I thought readers might find it interesting. The plan is for a service which will take care of the preliminaries of getting a human being on the line for a variety of companies. In short, you pick the company you need to call and the phone number for that company and then Bringo will call them up and call you back when they have a human being lined up.

A few people seemed to have good luck in using the service, and it's a way around the complaint many have that new technologies have eliminated the human touch. Now we have another new technology eliminating the elimination of the human touch. Nifty.

See more from Jeri Dansky.

2.) Media Sites House Most Successful Online Video Ads. Perhaps it's not the most surprising news in the world, but a study from the Online Publisher's Association has found that users on official media sites are more likely to act on video ads than those watching on user-generated sites.

The study finds that 38 percent of consumers viewing video ads on magazine Web sites, 37 percent for newspaper Web sites, and 35 percent for online news sites report having sought out more information after looking at an ad. Mike Sachoff at WebProNews has more, and the full press release is available here.

3.) Discovery and Third Screen Media will be working together to make Discovery content available in the mobile platform. See the press release here.

For previous posts about Third Screen Media deals, look here and here.

4.) Gender and Fan Studies. Finally, the latest round of the debates on fan studies and issues of gender surrounding took place on Henry Jenkins' site at the end of this week, featuring Will Brooker and Ksenia Prasolova. For their posts, look here and here.