September 3, 2007
Looking Back at C3 Work--Interviews and Other Series

My final post today will look at some of the more extended work of others here at the C3 blog over the past year, as well as interviews with some interesting folks doing work of interest to the Convergence Culture Consortium. As we wrap up this look at the Consortium's work in the blog over the past year in preview of a new academic year here at the Program in Comparative Media Studies at MIT, I wanted to highlight some series worth looking back at.

Here at the blog, we have completed four series of interviews over the summer. Look back at interviews with:

Bruce Leichtman, a researcher on media consumer behaviors and the adoption of new technologies, took part in a four-part interview with C3. (part one part two part three part four)

Geoffrey Long, an alumnus graduate student researcher with the Consortium, completed an interview on the work he did while part of C3 and his plans after C3. (part one part two part three part four)

And Parry Aftab, the lawyer who heads up online child safety organization WiredSafety, completed a four-part interview with C3 which was published in August. (part one part two part three part four)

Finally, C3 Consulting Researcher Jason Mittell completed a four-part interview with the creators of online movie serial The West Side, which creators Ryan Bilsborrow-Koo and Zachary Lieberman call "an urban Western." The interview was published first in the C3 Weekly Update and then here on the blog in August and September. (part one part two part three part four)

Also, see the work several here in the Consortium provided on issues of Fair Use and Copyright in media education from last December and January. (Look here, here, here, and here).

Finally, see Eleanor Baird's series called "New Site: To Aggregate or Not To Aggregate," on the News Corporation/NBC Universal online video destination. (part one part two part three part four)

For the rest of Baird's work, look here.