December 14, 2007
Around the Consortium: The Press and Consulting Researchers

There have been a few interesting publications and bits of news related to the Convergence Culture Consortium of late that I thought might be of interest for you.

First, Meio & Mensagem in Brazil ran a two-page recap of Futures of Entertainment 2, by Mauricio Mota. A PDF of the write-up is available here. Mauricio actually spent a few days with us both before and after the conference, and it was great to hear his perspective on what this age of "convergence culture" means for the media industries in Brazil.

Also, I thought C3 readers might be interested in this story I was interviewed for by Tom Vandyck on the Amazon Kindle for De Morgen in Belgium.

For those of you who are hobbled by only speaking English, as I am, here are a few pieces from around the Consortium that I thought might interest you:

One of our consulting researchers, Grant McCracken, writes about his experiences meeting a couple of interesting thinkers from C3 corporate partner Yahoo!, including his meeting Marc Davis when Marc was here to speak recently at FoE2.

Meanwhile, consulting researcher Rob Kozinets writes about the Boingo community, the company which provides membership to wireless Internet at airports around the world with a single subscription, and how such a "community" brings up a lot of interesting new questions about what a brand community is and online communities in general.

For a good laugh, see C3 alum Ilya Vedrashko's list of resources about wacky warning labels.

Oh, and congratulations to consulting researcher Jason Mittell at Middlebury College, who recently announced on his blog that he's received tenure. For those who haven't done so and are interested in television culture, be sure to check out Jason's blog, Just TV.