August 9, 2006
Google Video and MTV Networks

We've written before about Google's ramping up its video Web content, but the company has taken it a step further now, with new plans to become a content distributor for one of our partners here in the Convergence Culture Consortium, MTV Networks.

This new feature from Google's video feature turns the company into a new form of syndication for networks and opens up a new form of distribution on the Web. According to early reports of the plan, videos will be distrubted supported by advertising, all going to companies that use the Google Adsense network.

Whereas YouTube provides user-generated content and iTunes and Amazon offer content for download, this distribution platform promises to use Google's pervasiveness to syndicate television content and to have it adveritising supported, as AOL's new video feature will be.

Google currently both gives users the chance to view free video and also to buy full downloads. This project is yet another in-road into the development of Web content as companies expand their reach onto the Web. For proponents of transmedia storytelling, this development is yet another example of the expanded potential being made possible by companies willing to experiment.