May 15, 2008
C3 Work in 2007-2008: 10 Most Popular Posts (Page Visits)

As we near the end of the academic year, I thought readers might be interested in seeing what the Top 10 most popular posts have been over the previous nine months or so. First, according to page views through Google Analytics, our Top 10 posts have been:

Hustling 2.0: Soulja Boy and the Crank Dat Phenomenon. C3 graduate researcher Xiaochang Li looks at the rise of Soulja Boy and the energy the artist has created on YouTube with the latest dance phenomenon, complete with the Program in Comparative Media Studies' own attempt to "crank that."

"Meet me at my crib...": Reading the official "Crank That" video. C3 graduate researcher Xiaochang Li provides a reading of the text of the "Crank That" video from a "convergence culture" perspective.

Porn 2.0. Henry Jenkins provides a post from his blog that looks at the historical and current place pornography has in media transition.

Kentucky Weatherman Controversy Raises Issues About Privacy, Copyright, Context, and Information Traces. Sam Ford looks at the fallout after a weatherman who he grew up watching having controversial outtakes released online, and what issues this situation raises.

Surplus Audiences, ATWT, and the Luke/Noah Kiss. As the World Turns had a milestone moment last September--the first "serious" kiss between gay male characters in American daytime. Sam Ford asks how producers of the show can use the kiss' popularity on YouTube, and in online gay communities?

Why Academics Should Blog. Henry Jenkins writes about his recently being featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education on how CMS, including the Consortium, interfaces with various audiences through their academic work.

FoE2: Opening Remarks. C3 Principal Investigator Henry Jenkins and C3 Research Director Joshua Green open Futures of Entertainment 2 with a discussion on the future of television, interactivity, engagement, and fan labor.

Participation and User Value: LiveJournal's Latest Debacle. C3 Graduate Student Researcher Xiaochang Li writes about controversy on the social blogging site after the company removed the "basic" membership option.

FoE2: Fan Labor. This post recaps some of the comments from the participants in last November's Futures of Entertainment 2 panel on fan labor, featuring Mark Deuze, Jordan Greenhall, Catherine Tosenberger, Elizabeth Osder, and Raph Koster.

FoE2: Advertising and Convergence Culture. This post recaps some of the comments from the participants in last November's Futures of Entertainment 2 panel on Advertising and Convergence Culture, featuring Mike Rubenstein, Bill Fox, Faris Yakob, Tina Wells, and Baba Shetty.