May 15, 2008
C3 Work in 2007-2008: 10 Most Popular Posts (RSS Feed)

In my previous post, I highlighted what was the 10 post popular posts on our blog from the previous academic year. Looking at RSS feed data from Feedburner, I wanted to likewise highlight what was the 10 most popular posts from the past academic year through our feed.

The two most popular posts were also one of our Top 10 posts in terms of page views, and--as you will see--most of the most popular topics through our feed dealt with the Futures of Entertainment event.

FoE2: Advertising and Convergence Culture. This post recaps some of the comments from the participants in last November's Futures of Entertainment 2 panel on Advertising and Convergence Culture, featuring Mike Rubenstein, Bill Fox, Faris Yakob, Tina Wells, and Baba Shetty.

FoE2: Opening Remarks. C3 Principal Investigator Henry Jenkins and C3 Research Director Joshua Green open Futures of Entertainment 2 with a discussion on the future of television, interactivity, engagement, and fan labor.

Looking Back at FoE: Not the Real World Anymore. The last panel at the first Futures of Entertainment featured John Lester from Linden Labs, Ron Meiners from, and Todd Cunningham and Eric Gruber from MTV Networks, talking about virtual worlds.

Hey! Nielsen--Whats the Metric? C3 Graduate Student Researcher Eleanor Baird looks at Nielsen's newest attempts to take into account engagement and fan activities as part of their measurement, through the development of an online community looking at these issues.

Futures of Entertainment 2 Planned for Nov. 16-17. C3 announcement about the second annual FoE event, featuring leading industry voices alongside academic voices looking at the media industries.

Happy Holidays from the C3 Team. Our holiday greeting and message before the blog went down for the winter break.

A Precursor to FoE2: NBC's Heroes: Jessse Alexander and Mark Warshaw Speak to MIT Community (2 of 2). Lauren Silberman's notes from an MIT Communications Forum featuring two of the creators from the popular television show Heroes.

Holiday Viewing. C3 Research Manager Joshua Green provides links to video of his and Mark Deuze's presentations from the InVerge convergence conference in Portland back in September. Deuze was a member of the fan labor panel at Futures of Entertainment 2.

A Guide to Social Networking Sites. C3 research assistant Lauren Silberman provides an introduction to the most popular social networking sites by doing a profile of them, social network style.

FoE2: Metrics and Measurement. A recap of the FoE2 panel on audience measurement, featuring Maury Giles, Bruce Leichtman, Jim Nail, and Stacey Lynn Schulman.