March 8, 2010
C3 White Paper: Tacky and Proud, Exploring Tecnobrega's Value Network

The third installment of our 2009 C3 white paper releases. This white paper was penned by Ana Domb Krauskopf.

Tacky and Proud: Exploring Tecnobrega's Value Network

This paper explores the role of audiences as productive actors in the music industry and uses the value network as an analytical tool to facilitate the process of locating audience involvement and specifying the audience's role as creators of economic and symbolic value. Our main case study in this white paper is Tecnobrega ("Cheesy Techno"), a grassroots Brazilian music industry found in Belem (the capital city of Para, a northern state of Brazil). Tecnobrega evolved outside mainstream media, yet it became a successful music scene thanks to its innovative forms of production, distribution, promotion, and its strong relationship with audiences. Tecnobrega has also benefited from increasing widespread internet access throughout Brazil.

Download the executive summary or the entire paper.