April 14, 2010
Final White Paper Releases: (2007 &) 2006, Part 2

Below are the final five research reports from the Convergence Culture Consortium's conception in 2006. I hope that you have been able to browse through all of our releases to see what kind of research we've been up to over the years, but also to see how relevant our ideas and analysis continue to be.

Fanning the Audience's Flames
Fanning the Audience's Flames: Ten Ways to Embrace and Cultivate Fan Communities
by Sam Ford
with Dr. Henry Jenkins and Dr. Grant McCracken, Parmesh Shahani, Ivan Askwith, Geoffrey Long and Ilya Vedrashko
How to Turn Pirates Into Loyalists
How to Turn Pirates into Loyalists: The Moral Economy and an Alternative Response to File Sharing
by Alec Austin
with Dr. Henry Jenkins and Dr. Joshua Green, Ivan Askwith and Sam Ford
No Room for Pack Rats
No Room for Pack Rats: Media Consumption and the College Dorm
by Sam Ford
with Rachel Shearer and Parmesh Shahani, Dr. Joshua Green and Dr. Henry Jenkins
This is Not (Just) An Advertisement
This Is Not (Just) An Advertisement: Understanding Alternate Reality Games
by Ivan Askwith
with Dr. Henry Jenkins, Dr. Joshua Green and Tim Crosby
Moving Stories
Moving Stories: Aesthetics and Production in Mobile Media
by Geoffrey Long
with Dr. Henry Jenkins, Dr. Joshua Green and Dr. William Uricchio