December 16, 2010
Futures of Entertainment 5 (FOE5) - Fall 2011: Between Now and Then

We know: for those who live stateside, the Thanksgiving holiday was simply not the same without the belly full of ideas generated from our annual Futures of Entertainment (FOE) conference (which we usually host the weekend before Thanksgiving).  For our international friends, we realize we did not provide the usual excuse for your annual trip to Cambridge to visit with us and enjoy the FOE experience.

We took a break from FOE this year – and have scheduled Futures of Entertainment 5 (FOE5) for the fall of 2011 (date and time TBA).

For the uninitiated, FOE is the annual flagship event of the MIT CMS C3 research project.  A two-day conference, FOE has many defining characteristics that make it a singular conference-going experience, most notably:  

  • Long panel lengths (which allows panel participants and FOE attendees to really delve into the subject at hand - transcending a pure 'market' discussion);    

  • A commitment to a broad range of panel participants (spanning geographies, the public and the private sectors, the academy and the corporation – and everything in between); 

  • FOE is hosted by CMS and C3 and is held on the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts (which allows for a different type of regional programming than, say, a conference held in New York or Los Angeles);   

  • A participatory system built into the programming of the event (appropriately named  -    - a tool developed by Joshua Green in collaboration with Judith Donath and Drew Harry at the MIT Media Lab) – complimented by a Twitter hashtag or two  (see #FOE4).

  • A strong network of CMS C3 alumni, consulting researchers and practitioners, as well as a growing list of FOE alumni who contribute to the rigorous programming of the event for months prior to the event. 
Of course, a masterful keynote presentation by Prof. Jenkins never hurt our cause either.

For our FOE regulars (in an effort to ease the FOE withdrawal symptoms we will all surely experience between now and November of 2011) following is a list of upcoming conferences, panels or events taking place in the months ahead (which will include programming, panels or topics consistent with MIT CMS C3 and FOE):

Transmedia, Hollywood: S/Telling the Story

In what has become our West Coast sister event, Professor Jenkins and UCLA Associate Professor Denise Mann will be hosting another Transmedia Hollywood event in the spring of 2011. Click here for the program from the inaugural event – and stay tuned to Prof. Jenkins'website for an announcement of the 2011 event.

Sundance Film Festival 2011 – Prof. Jenkins spoke at the 2010 festival and it is always a well programmed event.

SXSW  2011 – Prof. Jenkins has spoken many times at this annual event. Like Sundance, always a brilliant festival.


CMS Sponsored Events:

The Sandbox Summit 2011 - SAVE THE DATE!  Sandbox Summit®, The Education Arcade and MIT Comparative Media Studies 
have confirmed the dates for the 2nd annual 
Sandbox Summit@MIT
April 28 and 29, 2011.  Mark your calendars now for another brain-stretching, 
star-studded, fun-filled event. 
  For a look at past events, click here.

Media in Transition 7  (MIT7)– Another flagship CMS event, held every other year on the MIT campus.  MIT7 will take place May 12 – 15, 2011.  For previous events, click here.

ROFLcon – CMS Sponsored ROFLcon II last year.  Check in @ the ROLFcon website for information about the 2011 event.


The Open Video Conference is usually held in October of each year. Click here for more information. 

From our friends over at the Workbook Project, keep track of upcoming DIYDays events here.

Finally, from our brilliant colleagues at 5D, keep track of their upcoming events for 2011 here.