December 2, 2007
Writing About FoE2: Around the Blogosphere (2 of 3)

Below is a list of the blogs and pieces that reflected on or recapped Friday afternoon and Saturday's panels from our Futures of Entertainment 2 conference here in mid-November. See the first post of links here.

The C3 team provided its live blogging for the metrics and measurement panel here, with further notes from John Eckman, Carina Enbody, Ian Fitzpatrick, Marissa Gallagher, and Rachel Clarke's writing at Behind the Buzz. Also, over at just another planner, Bogdana Butnar weighs in.

The final panel on Friday, on Fan Labor, was live blogged by the C3 team here. See other takes on the panel from Ian Fitzpatrick, Rachel Clarke, Marisa Gallagher, and Laura Boylan (here and here. Raph Koster wrote a note about the panel here, and Diana Kimball referenced the panel here. Finally, Chris Dahlen wrote about the panel at Gamasutra and Worlds in Motion.

The live blogging of the opening comments on Saturday that I moderated, featuring academic voices Jason Mittell, Jonathan Gray, and Lee Harrington, is available here. The panel was also covered by Rachel Clarke. David Burn wrote about the opening commentshere, along with notes on the advertising panel that followed.

The first full panel on Saturday was on advertising and convergence culture. The C3 team's coverage of the discussion is available here, while notes and accounts from Rachel Clarke, David Burn, Laura Boylan, and Marisa Gallagher are available as well. See references to the panel as well from Fulfil and Achtung Werbung.

The final panel of the conference, on cult media, was live blogged by the C3 team here. Chris Dahlen covered the panel for Gamasutra, while Rachel Clarke wrote about the panel here and David Burn wrote about it here.